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WordPress Themes 2012

Best Wordpress themes, Best Wordpress templates design

As a lot of wordpress themes have been published in this year, we know sometimes it is a difficult task for you to find out what is the most beautiful, professional or suitable with your site. Therefore, we write this article to help you arrange the themes in an order that will help you easily pick out the most appropriate theme for your purpose.

The themes, which are introduced in this article, are best wordpress themes 2012. They are selected from dozens of wordpress themes that were reviewed and rated in this year. All the wordpress themes are in high quality since our technical staff has sorted them out before having them reviewed and published. As we want to bring the best for our customers, this article will present the themes that are the hot-trend in the market. We hope this useful writing will meet all your needs. Let us know if you have any other requirements.

Business / Portfolio WordPress theme
Those kinds of themes are made to help your business stand out in its industry, so that they have to be equipped with many suitable features. The lay-out has to show a professional style as well as have a clean and clear organization. This is really important to draw your potential customers come back. Also, for the easy-to-browse of customers, the themes also offer responsive design.

PageFlow Theme

PageFlow Theme Review / Demo & Download

pageflow portfolio wordpress theme

MegaBox Theme

MegaBox Theme Review / Demo & Download


Cadenza Theme

Cadenza Theme Review / Demo & Download

Envisioned Theme

Envisioned Theme Review / Demo & Download

Envisioned WordPress Portfolio Theme

Blog / Magazine WordPress theme
A user-friendly interface, simple to interact with your site and sufficiently professional to create your style are the top priorities for a Blog or Magazine website. Here, we are happy to recommend some of the trendy wordpress themes in this May. Those themes not only answer all your needs but also surprise you with their amazing design and top-notch features.

Atom Theme

Atom Theme Review / Demo & Download

Aggregate Theme

Aggregate Theme Review / Demo & Download

Aggregate Responsive WordPress Theme

Photography / Video WordPress theme
Professional, stylistic and best-quality design is what an artistic site should have. The following wordpress themes are what we are proud to introduce you. Those themes are equipped with a lot of advanced features and special effects that will bring in a perfect impression for your visitors. A truly artist’s site should attract the visitors’ fancy at their first sight, and those theme a designed to help you do that. With those themes, interacting and sharing images with your friends or guest is no more a difficult task.

DeepFocus Theme

DeepFocus Theme Review / Demo & Download

Bee Bee Theme

Bee Bee Theme Review / Demo & Download

Webly Theme

Webly Theme Review / Demo & Download

Ecommerce/ Hotel & Restaurant/ Real Estate WordPress theme
Congratulation, you are in the era of internet booming. And you are one step away from success. All your business can run online as well as your entire PR, marketing, advertising …can do in the internet with a low cost but have an amazing result. All you need is focus on the online world and help your customers find out your products as easy as possible. Supported SEO optimization feature, if you can get the best out of those wordpress themes, your site will have a good place on search engines. Let increase your turnover in a smart way.

eStore Theme

eStore Theme Review / Demo & Download


MyCuisine Theme

MyCuisine Theme Review / Demo & Download


Vacation rental Theme

Vacation rental Theme Review / Demo & Download

DigitalBox Theme

DigitalBox Theme Review / Demo & Download

Emarket Theme

Emarket Theme Review / Demo & Download

LeanBiz Theme

LeanBiz Theme Review / Demo & Download

Real Estate Theme

Real Estate Theme Review / Demo & Download

Boutique Theme

Boutique Theme Review / Demo & Download

Realtr Theme

Realtr Theme Review / Demo & Download

Dealers Theme

Dealers Theme Review / Demo & Download

Design / Professional / Technology / Responsive WordPress theme
This is a collection of well design and high quality wordpress themes. It can be said that those themes are designed for high-tech users. You can experience them yourself to see how they work. Let try to take full advantage of those rich-feature themes, you will be surprised at how your customers are delighted.

Bloora Responsive Theme

Bloora Theme Review / Demo & Download

Appster Responsive Theme

Appster Theme Review / Demo & Download


March Responsive Theme

March Theme Review / Demo & Download

TheStyle Responsive Theme

TheStyle Theme Review / Demo & Download


For those who are looking for a suitable theme or who just care about wordpress themes, we hope this article can provide you with benefit information. The wordpress themes will be frequently up to date. You can follow us on Facebook to get the newest and beautiful themes for your site.

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