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Kaleido Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

Kaleido wordpress theme is one of the must-have themes for creative professionals and agencies. You won’t be disappointed with it.

Kaleido Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress
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Archimedes said, “Give me a fulcrum and I will move the Earth”, do you believe this saying or have you ever tried finding for yourself a fulcrum in your life? Of course that we can’t give you a fulcrum in your life, but we can give you a fulcrum in your designing work, which can help you to move and make your site become popular on the Internet. Yes, what I want to talk about is Kaleido WordPress theme, the name is a little long to remember, but why don’t you, creative professionals and agencies, hear me tell something about Kaleido? Then you will find that its long name is not your problem, your problem now is how to buy this WordPress theme at once.

Let’s imagine Kaleido theme was a beautiful girl and I will start describing from her interface. Like her name, Kaleido has an eye-catching interface thanks to having WP 3.5 Iris Color Selector in Theme Options, which can help her select and change the color easily and quickly. Kaleido wordpress theme has Light and dark skin with multiple color variations supported from theme options using color pickers and has Fullscreen pages, which can help you show a lot of your nice and professional pictures, videos and inspires you a lot. Besides, Kaleido is also a mysterious girl, has many secrets so we created screen with Lightbox activated slideshow thumbnails and Password protected portfolio thumbnails to keep something secret that she and you don’t want to show. An interested girl, right?

In addition, Kaleido theme is a helpful girl. She is reponsive. She responds differently changing layout based on device and resolution. You can check the features by resizing your browser window or navigating from the device. If you have problem with making video or forum, she will offer you Support with Video tutorials and Support Forum.

How about her marriage status? Now, she is single and available.  Because Kaleido is a responsive fullscreen portfolio studio theme so she is suitable for creative professionals and agencies, especially is ideal for photographers and creative professionals with her Blog feature. What else’s about this awesome girl? There are a lot of other great features from Kaleido Theme, such as Portfolio post support, Help guide, and useful templates and so on, which are waiting you to discover.

After hearing from me, what do you think now? About a girl, called Kaleido or a useful WordPress theme can inspire you and promote your site? No need to think a lot because they are one. So let buy Kaleido Theme immediately, create a professional site for you.

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Theme Features:
  • WordPress 3.5 already!
  • Screens.
  • Display full width bloglist and 2 column blog variations.
  • Widgets.
  • Support.
  • Live Demo.
  • AdvanceOptions.
  • Blog.
  • Post formats.
  • Support forum.
  • Light and dark skin (multiple color variations supported from theme options using color pickers)
  • Fullscreen pages.
  • Help Guide.
  • Responsive.
  • Portfolio (custom post type).
  • Portfolio posts supports (custom post type).
  • Templates.

Standard license : $45

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